Saturday, January 30, 2021

I don't care about what Steve Cohen did or did not do about Game Stop Give me a Mets championship, Screw the rest

It makes me laugh to hear people knock new Mets owner Steve Cohen and his involvement in Game Stop. 

As a Mets fan, I don't care what he does in his day job.  Put a championship team on the field and the rest is conversation. 

Just like I don't care what a players feelings are about politics, Black Lives Matter, if it doesn't get a base hit or hit a home run, play the game and shut the F up!  Players are made for my entertainment, that's it!

Team owners are made for my entertainment too. 




  1. Off topic:

    I just ordered 2 pillows from Mike Lindell with a discount. The my pillow guy.

    This guy has been the tip of the spear for Pres DJT from the outset. I tried his pillow for a day/night and didn't like it, took it back to wally mart but he is a patriot and if I can keep his people employed and put a coupla bucks in his pocket, so be it. I'll retry his pillow and gift them out if need be.

    Patriots helping patriots and you sir, are one in my books.

    Continue on with your opinions and ravages. They are appreciated by many.