Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Shawntel Cooper: You can't fix a bad reaction with another bad action

Concerned parent joins 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' to discuss why she brought the issue of critical race theory to her school board



  1. Me and my family lived in Loudon County while my boys were going to school, this was in the 90s-2015. We had issues with teachers, admin, school district head, and the school board. We got nowhere. Me and my wife both went to college and even though the boys went to school we tutored them. The school system did not teach them properly.

  2. The socialists are not trying to 'fix' anything. They only are driven to change everything. They use 'to fix' as cover to change.

    Here; if capitalism were so bad as needing fixing, there would be no resistance to tossing out a broken system. If it were so, capitalism would not have lasted this long. But there is resistance and it is because capitalism does not need fixing, especially by socialism. Therefore, the replacement doctrine must first proclaim the existing system is broken in order to create acceptance for the new and 'improved'.

    Perhaps in another country they'd just do it by force. But that will not work in America as American culture does not allow for that, nay, would fight to oppose that force. Here is another proof of American exceptionalism. (I add that in recognition of other countries I have known and have marveled as how they simply lie down in the face of any force. I marveled yet they considered it typical and ordinary in their culture.)