Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Kamala Harris (aka Willie Brown's side piece) Allegedly Keeps ‘Enemies List’ Of Journalists She Doesn’t Like

 This woman has shown that she is so ill-equipped for the job she holds. 

Given the responsibility to handle the crisis at the border, she runs away and hides.  She's not a series a person, only a political opportunist that started her career on her back.  Ask Willie Brown!

Gateway Pundit reports remember how insane the media went every time Trump criticized them? Do you think they’ll have a similar reaction when they find out that Kamala Harris allegedly keeps an enemies list of journalists?

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  1. In today's media environment, that must be a very short list.

  2. The correct spelling of her name should be: kumala ho.

  3. A list of journalists she doesn't like? Why should she be concerned about that when there are 100 million people who bloody hate her?