Thursday, March 10, 2022

His lips are moving: Don't believe Joe Biden's lie that Americans paying more for gas cuz the War in Ukraine!

Joe Biden is lying to millions of Americans.  He signed an executive order on day one of his presidency cutting of funding for the XL pipeline.  It's his war on fossil fuels following progressive-woke policies that has caused energy prices to skyrocket days after he took the oath of office!   

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  1. Add to this the fact that DC has been dumping money out of helicopters for the last two years and is now set to piss away another $14-16B in Ukraine. You can't do this without incurring runaway inflation, which is now happening. How convenient that Russia decided to invade Ukraine, and give Biden a boogeyman to blame blame the increased cost of living on!!!

    ...Nothing to see here, folks... Move along...