Saturday, August 4, 2018

What competent baseball person would want to work for Jeff Wilpon?

As far as I know, if you're a top flight, top shelf, cream of the crop baseball executive who knows how to run a winning baseball organization from top to bottom, you'll be a fool to come to the Mets. 


Because the common denominator for all the woes that plague the Mets is the idiot son of owner Fred Wilpon, COO Jeff Wilpon.

The Mets have changed managers, general managers, medical staff, training staff and every other failing division.  And nothings changes.  The same issues crop up year after year because Jeff Wilpon is a micro manager who sticks his foot in every situation. 

He's the owner's son! 

Jeff has that privilege.  But, he's the biggest reason why the Mets are one of the most poorly run teams in all of baseball.  The only way a formidable  baseball man or woman would consider taking a job as president of baseball operations is with a guarantee that Jeff would be locked in his office with an ankle device preventing him from interfering with any aspect of running the Mets.  Then maybe the Mets would have a chance of turning things around.               

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