Why I’m a Conservative

The biggest reason I’m a conservative is because I like to use my own my mind. I refuse to be boxed in a mode of thinking that dictates what I’m supposed to be prior to my birth.

Liberals through deceit, manipulation, and sometimes outright lies have set up this society to programs minority groups (Blacks and Latinos) to only support the Democrat Party.

This is mind slavery that has replaced the physical plantations that formerly held slaves in the South. As I frequently mentioned on this blog, Democrats are the original enslavers of Black people. But through their clever retelling of history, geared toward maintaining their psychological hold on Blacks, they’ve convinced Black people that the slave masters were all Republicans.

This is a vicious lie, but unfortunately since Liberals control the public school system throughout the country, it is still believed by millions of Blacks.

However, count me out of that groupthink!

My parents, who barely finished high school, didn’t send me to college to become a mindless robot for the Democrat Party.