Sunday, March 19, 2017

BOMBSHELL REPORT: NSA documents: Trump under surveillance for years Project Dragnet' said to monitor Donald at 18 locations

Well, what do you know? 
Donald Trump nay very well have merit to his claims that the Obama regime had him under illegal surveillance right up to and beyond the presidential elections.  The NY Times and the Washington Post have both reported as such even though they're acting like they didn't. 

WND reports have obtained credible information from law enforcement sources regarding individual records of U.S. citizens under National Security Agency (NSA) electronic surveillance in the years 2004 through 2010 – a database that suggests both Donald J. Trump and Alex Jones were under illegal, unauthorized government monitoring during those years.

Michael Zullo, formerly the commander and chief investigator of the Cold Case Posse (CCP), a special investigative group created in 2006 in the office of Joseph M. Arpaio, formerly the sheriff in Maricopa County, an Arizona State Certified Law Enforcement Agency, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, provided sections of the database to

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