Saturday, March 25, 2017

'DO NOT WORRY': Trump signals new hope for health care after replacement bill fail, Set Back Set for Come Back

People have to remember that ObamaCare is the responsibility of President Obama and Democrats who passed the law without a SINGLE REPUBLICAN vote. 
They passed a law GOPers warned would collapse under its own weight.  Democrats purposely designed ObamaCare to fail because they expected Hillary Clinton to be elected so she can propose a single payer healthcare system which was what Democrats wanted all along.  Trump's election put a stop to that.  Nonetheless, ObamaCare is a 2,000 page monstrosity that isn't easy to get rid of.   

Fox News reports President Trump hinted Saturday that overhauling ObamaCare is still alive, perhaps through a bipartisan deal, following the effort’s dramatic and seemingly terminal failure a day earlier.

“ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE,” Trump tweeted. “Do not worry!”

Trump tweeted after House Speaker Paul Ryan on Friday cancelled the final vote for the ObamaCare replacement bill, upon concluding he didn’t have enough votes despite the chamber’s GOP majority.

“We’re going to be living with ObamaCare for the foreseeable future,” the Wisconsin Republican said afterward, making clear that neither he nor Trump intend to introduce new legislation.

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If anyone is to blame for the failure to repeal and replace ObamaCare, it's Paul Ryan.  He's SOTH!  It was his responsibility to deliver the vote.  And I'm not too sure Ryan, who hates Trump, isn't so upset today knowing the corrupt media will be all too happy to gloat over a setback for President Trump.   

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