Wednesday, March 8, 2017

GOP Estab Pushing ObamaCare-Lite: Conservatives, centrists bash Republican replacement for Obamacare


I've seen this movie in 2008 when Democrats were arguing amongst themselves over offering the public option (aka single payer) within ObamaCare.
  Now, the GOP establishment is just tinkering here and there with ObamaCare instead of doing a clean repeal and creating a market based system of healthcare.  Welcome to the GOP version of the sausage making of legislation. 

Washington Times reports it took seven years to write, but House Republicans’ Obamacare replacement plan began to unwind Tuesday after less than a day in the public eye.

Conservatives said the proposal Republican leaders have offered amounts to “Obamacare lite” and vowed to rally opposition from the right. Meanwhile, moderate Republicans complained that it went too far in unraveling the Affordable Care Act’s benefits, such as expanded coverage for the poor under Medicaid.

The White House, meanwhile, called it a first step and insisted that later phases would contain more of President Trump’s campaign promises such as selling insurance across state lines.

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Let me say here I think the so-called Congressional Budget Office is a scam used by both political parties to fool the public. 

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