Wednesday, March 8, 2017

HUNT for Anti-Deep State Mole: FBI seeks mole who released CIA secrets to WikiLeaks

 International Man

This is going to be interesting. 
Whoever the mole is that person can be considered anti-Deep State personnel that may be working on behalf of the American people to stop the silent coup against President Trump by entrenched members of the Deep State. 
Fox News reports Manning. Snowden. Whose name is next to be added to the notorious list of government leakers?

The CIA is trying to answer that question right now.

A day after WikiLeaks released what it alleged to be the “entire hacking capacity of the CIA,” the focus Wednesday began shifting to just who gave the stunning surveillance information to the anti-secrecy website.
“There is heavy s--- coming down,” said a veteran cyber contractor for the intelligence community who previously worked in the breached unit, the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence.

The contractor told Fox News that CCI has long maintained an internal database of information -- accessible to anyone with proper credentials or security clearance -- that seemed to be dumped in total to WikiLeaks. In its news release on the disclosure, WikiLeaks said CCI had more than 5,000 registered users, a number alternatively referred to as “absurd” and “a bit high” by security experts who spoke to Fox News. The CIA declined comment to Fox News.

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