Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Liberals Eat their Own: 'Black Lives Don't Matter' to De Blasio, Ramarley Graham's Mom Says

I really didn't care much about this story.  I just like seeing De Blasio getting knocked by his own constituency that put him in office. 

Dnainfo  reports the heartbroken mother of Ramarley Graham blasted the city for allowing the police officer who killed her son to quit before he was fired, saying "black lives don't matter" as much as political gamesmanship for Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Hours after the NYPD announced Richard Haste had quit the force after he was found guilty at an agency trial in the fatal shooting death of Ramarley Graham in his own home, the teen's mother, Constance Malcolm, stood outside 1 Police Plaza Monday to blast the mayor and the city for paying lip service to caring about minorities.

"Mayor Bill de Blasio, you show us again, time and time again, that black lives don't matter to you," Malcolm said, adding that despite being promised by the NYPD that she'd be notified of the judge's ruling, Malcolm said she found out Sunday only after reporters asked her lawyer for comment.

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