Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rape of 14 yr old girl by 2 illegals in Maryland fuels opposition to 'sanctuary' states

It's bedrock policy of states and cities run by Democrats to provide a safe haven for illlegal aliens.  If Americans citizens are the victims of crimes by these same people, Democrats just shrug their shoulders and don't really care.  If they did they would be horrified and roll back the sanctuary policy.  Have you ever seen a Democrat upset when an illegal commits a crime against an American citizen?  I haven't.      

Fox News reports the rape of a 14-year-old girl last week in a boys’ bathroom of a Maryland high school, for which two immigrants have been charged, has fueled opposition to officials making the state a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

One suspect in last Thursday’s attack is 17; the other is 18. Both were enrolled as freshman because of their weak English language skills. The two suspects, who were enrolled in Rockville’s Montgomery High School, are from Central America.
Four days after the rape, Maryland’s House of Delegates passed legislation to join states like California in becoming a “sanctuary state,” affording illegal criminal aliens additional protections and making it more difficult to deport them or ask about immigration status.
That action has infuriated Maryland officials.

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