Friday, December 20, 2019

Miscarriage of Justice: Iowa man Adolfo Martinez who burned pride flag stolen from church sentenced to 16 years

I cannot believe this story!  How the Hell is a sixteen year prison term warranted for burning a Gay pride? 
It's outrageous!  This cannot stand and the governor of Iowa better get involved and pardoned this man immediately!  For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.  I don't know where this is going.  But, it's not going to be good!     
NY Post reports an Iowa man will spend up to 16 years behind bars for stealing a pride flag from an Iowa church and setting it on fire — a sentence that even a local LGBTQ group says might be excessive, according to a new report.

Adolfo Martinez, 30, of Ames, was sentenced Wednesday for stealing the pride banner hanging at Ames Church of Christ back in June — and then burning it with lighter fluid and a lighter outside the Dangerous Curves Gentleman’s Club, The Des Moines Register reported.
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  1. Third-degree "arson". What is that? Lighting a cigar? Sentenced to 16 years? I hope an appeal is planned. And we wonder why the justice system is so inherently screwed up.

  2. Let's be honest: It actually is LGBTQP...

  3. A black robe does not imply that you can ignore the 1st Amendment and the Supreme Court decision arising therefrom (as much as I disagree with Brennan's definition of "free speech"). The sentence should be invalidated and the jurist removed from the bench

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