Friday, March 17, 2017

SUCKERS!: Liberals Are So Desperate To Take Down Trump They’re Paying Thousands For Fake Docs

The hate for Trump among Libs is real and extremely funny! 
They really thought Crooked Hillary had the election in the bag.  Smart grifters are taking advantage and cleaning up.   

Daily Caller reports a liberal activist desperate to take down President Donald Trump paid thousands of dollars for what turned out to be forged documents, revealing a willingness among Trump’s critics to believe almost anything that might hurt his presidency.

The Israeli flew to Rome in January to meet with an Italian businessman who promised him a set of potentially explosive documents on Trump in exchange for $9,000 in cash, reports Buzzfeed News. The documents appeared to prove ExxonMobil had secretly bribed the president to nominate Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state, and the man eagerly passed them on to Democrat operatives and journalists. But they turned out to be forgeries.  

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