Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trump wants $1.5 BILLION for the wall and cash for the military but will slash foreign aid by 28 per cent and eliminate funding for PBS and NPR in budget designed to infuriate liberals


We love it when Libs get infuriated!
Daily Mail reports President Donald Trump will release a budget blueprint Thursday that makes significant cuts to spending to fund his border wall and the military build-up he's been promising.

Cut the deepest is the State Department, which is being slapped with a 28 per cent reduction to its foreign aid division. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Housing and Urban Development Department is also expected to suffer.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which provides support to NPR and PBS - the broadcaster of Sesame Street - will see its funding phased out if Trump's budget makes it past the House and Senate over the objection of both conservatives and liberals.

Trump is proposing the dramatic cuts to some agencies so he can put $1.5 billion toward his wall with Mexico in 2018 and appropriate an additional $54 billion for defense without adding to the federal deficit.

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  1. Libs have been telling us for at least 20 years that Republicans "wanted to kill Big Bird". Well, Big Bird is alive and well on HBO and one of the cast members is reportedly making a salary of $800,000.