Tuesday, March 14, 2017

US applications for New Zealand citizenship jump 70 percent since Trump election


Go with God! 
Don't come back. 

NY Post reports it’s one thing to talk about changing allegiance to another country when a new president is elected. It’s another thing to go ahead and do it.

But that’s exactly what seems to be happening, at least in one distant corner of the world.

In New Zealand, the number of Americans who applied for a grant of citizenship rose by 70 percent in the 12 weeks following the election of President Donald Trump when compared to the same period a year earlier, immigration records obtained by The Associated Press show.

Figures also show the number of Americans who obtained a New Zealand work visa in January was up 18 percent from a year earlier, as was the number of Americans who visited the country.

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  1. According to the article, sheep outnumber human beings in New Zealand 6 to 1. Now I see why this demographic would appeal to American Liberals....

  2. To those who think America needs to grow up to be another country; good riddance...

    Don't let the door hitcha where the Good Lord splitcha...