Saturday, April 8, 2017

Another Obama Fail: Obama Administration Knew Syria Still Had Chemical Weapons, Despite Saying Otherwise

President Obama, John Kerry and Susan Rice assured the world that Syria had gotten rid of their chemical weapons as a result of their efforts. 
What does this once again say about the credibility of the Obama regime?
Weekly Standard reports National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster delivered remarks in Florida today to give some background on the strikes against Syria Thursday. He made one curious comment that raises a lot of troubling questions:
"And the one thing that I will tell you though, there was an effort to minimize—to minimize risk to third-country nationals at that airport—I think you read Russians from that—but that—and we took great pains to try to avoid that. Of course, in any kind of military operation, there are no guarantees. And then there were also measures put in place to avoid hitting what we believe is a storage of sarin gas, so that that would not be ignited and cause a hazard to civilians or anyone else."
Emphasis added.
"Now recall that John Kerry bragged on Charlie Rose in 2014 about the Obama administration cutting an historic deal that removed "100 percent of the declared chemical weapons" from Syria. I don't know how much of a caveat the word "declared" constitutes, but as recently as January former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice was confidently announcing that the Obama administration had removed chemical weapons from Syria."
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