Sunday, April 23, 2017

B Teck Pervert: Brooklyn Tech teacher David Lo busted asking student for ‘workout’ pics

Brooklyn Tech High School is developing a reputation for being the Horny high school for teachers looking to get some on the side when they're not grading papers.
NY Post reports the elite Brooklyn Technical HS is gaining a reputation for sleazy teachers.
A fourth staffer in two years has engaged in an “inappropriate relationship” with a student, investigators charge.

English teacher David Lo, 39, bombarded a girl with e-mail messages, nudging her to meet him outside of school — and to send him “fitness” photos of herself, the Special Commissioner of Investigation found.

“How did your workout go? Any recent workout pics?” Lo asked the girl.

“Let’s see a daily pic of the day from you!” he begged in another message.

Lo’s student first approached him in June 2015 to request “extra credit.”

In a later face-to-face conversation, Lo told the girl “they could not communicate by e-mail because a teacher lost his job for that contact,” says an SCI report.

Lo proceeded to e-mail the girl from his personal account. The two exchanged more than 100 messages over the summer before the girl “expressed concern” to authorities, SCI reports.

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  1. I am in no way condoning this dude's behavior.

    Still. Didja notice this?

    "two exchanged more than 100 messages over the summer before the girl “expressed concern”"

    So she was good with things until she changed her mind. Or got mad at him. Then she used the emails to fuck him over.

    Stupid on his part. And foolish. And Teacher/Student is wrong all the way.

    But she has learned to manipulate the system because she is a girl.