Friday, April 7, 2017

BRINK OF WW3: ‘You PLANNED THIS!’ Putin accuses USA of plotting strike BEFORE chemical hit

So much for the myth perpetrated by Democrats that President Trump is a puppet of the Kremlin.  
UK Express reports RUSSIA has accused the US and Donald Trump of plotting its missile strike on a Syrian airbase days before the deadly chemical weapons attack which killed 70 people.

A staunch ally of President Bashar al-Assad, Russian leader Vladimir Putin said he regarded the US action as "aggression against a sovereign nation" on a "made-up pretext”.

And he savaged the “cynical attempt” to distract the world from civilian deaths in Iraq, according to spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

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  1. But...but....The Donald is a pawn of Putin. That's what the press always tells me. Why would Putin be upset. Unless what the press tells me is false? And we all know that can't be true.