Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bubble Heads on Parade led by Leonardo DiCaprio and thousands of green warriors march in DC and across America on the president's 100th day in office

I'm a fan of Leonardo DuCaprio.  He's a tremendous actor and a fine talent.  However, he's as dumb as a rock when it comes to politics. 
The same could be said for the throngs who marched in the streets.
Daily Mail reports actor Leonardo DiCaprio joined thousands of climate change protesters in Washington DC to mark President Donald Trump's 100th day in office.

Large crowds gathered on Pennsylvania Avenue for the People's Climate March, an event that saw about 300 coinciding protests around the country, according to organizers.

The mercury rose to around 90F in DC, and protesters brought their own water bottles and sunscreen as they warned about the dangers of global warming.

Holding signs that read 'There is no planet B', and 'Make Earth Great Again', the protesters say they're objecting to the president's rollback of restrictions on mining, oil drilling and greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power plants, among other things.

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