Sunday, April 23, 2017

Caution-It Ain't Over Yet: Bill O'Reilly will back on air Monday on podcast that will surely break the internet

There's a lot of things Bill O'Reilly can do if he wants and a lot of platforms available to him.
  He still has his website as his base platform.  But, also there are other channels that can make a bold move to give Fox Channel a run for their money.  
WND reports following a vacation from Fox News from which he never returned, Bill O’Reilly is not saying goodbye just yet to his television, announcing on his website that he will host a podcast Monday to have his say about his dismissal following numerous accusations by women of sexual harassment, charges that hurt the show’s advertising revenue.

 Sources say O’Reilly doesn’t want to leave television and is considering the possibility of doing a show elsewhere – with networks like Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV, One America News and Sinclair Broadcasting among those mentioned.

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