Wednesday, April 26, 2017

DOJ Bureaucrats Using Legalese to Prevent President Trump from Cutting Off Federal Funding to Sanctuary Cities

The White House and the Justice Department are not on the same page as to what makes a city, a sanctuary city.  It's really stupid and frustrating because a five year old can explain it.
  But, when it comes to lawyers explaining what the definition of "is" is, it becomes more complicated than necessary.

 Daily Caller reports the decision by a federal judge in San Francisco Tuesday doesn’t have any practical effect on the Trump administration’s policy toward sanctuary cities.

That’s because the White House and the Department of Justice have not been on the same page about the definition of a sanctuary city and how much federal money those sanctuary cities should lose.

The executive order signed in January by President Donald Trump called for sanctuary jurisdictions to be eligible to lose all federal funding except money needed for law enforcement purposes. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, however, talked only about sanctuary jurisdictions losing grants from the DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs during a White House press briefing.
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