Friday, April 7, 2017

Don’t Mess with The D: Trump Shows He Is Willing to Act Forcefully, Quickly

Somebody was bound to get a foot in the ass eventually, why not Syria? 
Using chemical weapons is a big no no all over the world.  Although Trump has said he doesn't want the United States involved in conflicts around the world, he couldn't let last week's chemical attacks in Syria go without a response to send a strong message to Assad and other bad actors around the world such as Iran and North Korea. 

Wall  Street Journal reports President Donald Trump’s decision to order military strikes in Syria sets his presidency on a new and unpredictable course that is likely to shape his time in office.

Faced with his first major foreign-policy test—a moment that confronts every new president—Mr. Trump demonstrated a comfort with military action and a flexibility in approach that saw him change course not only on comments he made in the campaign but also on his policy toward Syria in just 48 hours after seeing gruesome photographic evidence from the Asssad regime’s chemical-weapons attack Tuesday. 

His decision drew support from Republican and Democratic lawmakers who have long called for stronger U.S. action in Syria.

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  1. And do note that he was meeting with ChiCom One in Mar-a-Lago when the attack occurred. He excused himself from the meeting, went on TV to announce the attack, and then went back to the meeting. Do you think that might have sent a message to the Red Chinese???