Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Give'em keys to the City: McDonald's employees stalled Facebook killer Steven Stephens , called 9-1-1 while holding his order of fries

Good job by the McDonald's employees.  I'm still very upset this piece of filth of a man took the life of Robert Godwin Sr. 

AOL News reports employees at a McDonald's franchise may have played a role in helping to catch the man who became the subject of a nationwide manhunt after he posting a video to Facebook of that appeared to show him kill an elderly man.

Steven Stephens was spotted at a McDonald's drive-thru in Erie, Pennsylvania on Tuesday moments before committing suicide, according to numerous reports.

He reportedly requested a large order of fries and 20 chicken nuggets, but employees who recognized him apparently purposely stalled him so they could alert law enforcement.

The manager of the local fast-food restaurant said Stephens refused to wait for the fries, which employees told him were taking a long time to prepare, and rushed off with only his nugget order.

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I was hoping this punk loser would get killed like this.

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