Saturday, April 29, 2017

Guts!: Pope Francis celebrates open-air Mass in Egypt

I'm not a great fan of this pope, but I admire and will always acknowledge guts. 
Giving an open-air Mass in Egypt is a gutsy move and helps to give comfort to the Coptic Christians who have gone through a tough time in Egypt.  I hope Pope Francis does more of this.  The world needs him to.

NY Post reports military helicopters and police were out in force Saturday as Pope Francis arrived to celebrate an open-air Mass for Egypt’s tiny Catholic community on the second and final day of a visit aimed at encouraging Christians following a series of attacks by Islamic militants.

Despite the security concerns, Francis zoomed around the Cairo sports stadium in an open-topped golf cart before the start of Mass, evidence of his desire to be close to his flock at all costs.

The defense ministry’s stadium has a capacity of 25,000, but it was less than half-full by the time Francis arrived.

Security was exceptionally tight around the stadium and in the upscale neighborhood where Francis spent the night, with uniformed and plain-clothed police stationed every meter (yard) or so along his motorcade route. Police used metal detectors to check vehicles for explosives and armed guards stood watch, some on rooftops, their faces covered.

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I applaud Egypt for making a massive symbolic statement to their more uncivilized Muslim neighbors.   

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