Monday, April 3, 2017

Melissa-Mark Viverito Ultra Liberal: Closing Rikers Island Is a Moral Imperative, Okay, start laughing

Who is Melissa Mark-Viverito?
Unfortunately, for the people of New York, she's the head of NYC City Council.  This woman, who I think is insane, believes it's okay for people to urinate and defecate on the streets of New York and not consider it a crime.  That was one of the first things she did as city council president removing quality of life crimes off the books because….wait for it.. those laws were discriminatory against minorities.  As a result, NYC has become a public toilet thanks to her and the other lunatic Leftists on the city council.  This is the wrongheaded thinking that wants to close down the Rykers Island jail.  Believe me, if this idea is coming from Melissa-Mark Viverito, it's time to scream and shout--it's a very bad idea.   

Melissa Mark-Viverito writes:

The time has come to close Rikers Island.
New York City’s sprawling main jail, located on an island in the East River, is a stain on our great city’s reputation. It leaves its mark on everyone it touches: the correction officers working back-to-back shifts under dangerous conditions, the inmates waiting for their day in court in an inhumane and violent environment, the family members forced to travel long distances to see their loved ones and the taxpayers who spend billions of dollars to keep the whole dysfunctional apparatus running.

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Dear Melissa: Let me school you.  Rikers Island is supposed to be a bad place.  It's a jail!  It's not supposed to be Club Med.  If there's a problem with violence, correction officers working back to back shifts, that's a management issue.  Figure it out!  You don't close the jail that's on an island away from the population, to create five mini Rykers inside populated areas of the city increasing the danger to public safety.  It's nearly impossible to escape Rykers Island.  The East river currents around the it are brutal and deep.  I don't think Michael Phelps could make that swim. That's how difficult it is.  That's why Rykers Island, currently situated, is very good for the people of New York.  And I wonder Melissa, if you're being truthful about your reasons for closing Rykers.  That island is a very valuable piece of property real estate developers would kill for.  How many of them contribute to you and Mayor De Blasio?  What’s up with that?       

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