Monday, April 17, 2017

Secret military airfields are hiding in plain sight

Pretty ingenious planning by the Germans. 
Makes we wonder if we have the same designs in the United Stated and other NATO countries.   

NY Post reports to the untrained eye, there’s nothing remarkable about the A44 autobahn in central Germany, the motorway that links the industrial and heavily populated Rhine-Ruhr region to the country’s heartland.

However,  near the small town of Buren, the road, ever so subtly, begins to change to serve its secret — and chilling — second purpose.

At this spot, the A44 doubles as a secret military runway ready and waiting for war to be declared.
Called highway strips, these motorways have been specifically designed so if a country’s air bases are taken out, fighter jets can still take to the skies.

The road’s usual gentle curves die away and are replaced by dead straights; the grassy median strip disappears, uncovering a center runway line. And, off to the side, what looks like a large parking lot is actually an aircraft parking bay.

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