Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Young America’s Foundation turn YELLOW: Ann Coulter cancels Berkeley speech after sponsor pulls out over safety fears

I don't blame Ann Coulter.  She has more guts than ten male GOPers put together.  Shame on Young America’s Foundation for turning yellow in the face of Liberal Fascism. 
How is free speech supposed to win when cowardice rules the day in so many Republican circles?   

 Fox News reports the hecklers used their veto.
Conservative commentator Ann Coulter told Fox News on Wednesday she would no longer give a planned speech at UC Berkeley after Young America’s Foundation pulled its support for the event amid threats of violence.

The speech was originally scheduled to take place Thursday – but Berkeley asked to postpone it until next month after protests over the planned speech grew into a nationally-watched firestorm.

Coulter, YAF -- which had helped organize and finance the event -- and the Berkeley College Republicans initially fought the school’s decision, with YAF and the college republicans filing a civil rights lawsuit on Monday. But by Wednesday YAF had “actively” opposed Coulter’s speech, she said, and “ordered the lawyer not [to] file for [a] court order” which would have mandated a room for the talk. The college republicans are bound by YAF’s decision, Coulter said, “so there’s nothing more I can do.”

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