Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Can Hillary just go away?: Clinton blames Comey, WikiLeaks for election loss to Trump

Hillary!  You lost the election because you sucked as a candidate, you’re dishonest, and you're only claim to fame is you married Bill Clinton. 
Case closed!  Go away,  shut up, and be glad you're not in prison!   
Fox News reports Hillary Clinton on Tuesday said she took “absolute personal responsibility” for her losing presidential campaign -- but went on to blame FBI Director James Comey and Russian interference for aiding Republican rival Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency.

Clinton specifically cited the letter from Comey late in the campaign saying agents were looking into possible new information related to Clinton’s secret, homebrewed computer server. She was 
ultimately never charged with a crime, and Comey cleared Clinton on the Sunday before the election.

She also mentioned WikiLeaks, the antisecrecy website which some analysts believe to be connected to Russia and which posted the hacked emails of Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta.

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