Monday, May 29, 2017

Creating Phony Controversy: Leftist New York tabloid smears President Trump for not commenting on Portland and Mississippi killings

Over the weekend our thoroughly corrupt media lied about a mentally disturbed man named Jeremy Christian who killed two people on a Portland train.
  The media bent over backwards to  label him a White Supremacist.  The truth is Jeremy Christian, a Bernie Sanders supporter,  is mentally disturbed with a history of odd ball behavior.  However, the media wants to report him as a White Supremacist for the purpose of smearing President Trump.         

President Trump on Sunday rallied behind his proposed tax cuts and a House GOP-backed health care bill amid scrutiny that he was ignoring the deadly rampages in Oregon and Mississippi.

As Trump ended his first overseas trip over the weekend, an alleged white supremacist killed two men protecting a Muslim girl from his hate-filled tirade Friday on a Portland commuter train. Eight more people were killed in a shooting rampage in rural Jackson, Miss., on Saturday and Sunday, including a police officer.

Instead of addressing the deaths, he continued his Sunday tweet spree by touting the GOP bill for the first time since the House of Representatives narrowly passed the legislation on May 4.

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