Sunday, May 28, 2017

FOX News Down Half a Million Prime Time Viewers Since Firing Top Host Bill O’Reilly

Gateway Pundit reports  on the metrics of Fox's decline.  However, I noticed a disturbing trend that has been going for months. 

Fox News Sunday four months ago changed the table where their panel sat around to discuss news events.  And damn it if it didn't look like the same table used by Meet the Press.  Why would you change to furniture that looks like a competing show? 

But, the changes haven’t  stopped there.  The dress code of the ladies who appear on Fox have been relaxed.  Why am I seeing pantsuits and jumpers instead of the elegant dresses the attractive women who work on Fox were known for?

Fox News had a successful formula they're choosing to walk away from.  And viewers are clicking then off in droves.      


  1. The reason for the decline has nothing to do with O'Reilly. It has to do with the biggest story of the day, the Trump collusion with Russia and Jared Kushner conspiring with our enemies. FOX won't cover these stories, so in order to keep up with current events, viewers have to go elsewhere. This has propelled Rachel Maddow into the top spot for the simple reapon that she is covering important events and FOX is not.