Monday, May 29, 2017

Freak parade in India: Indian Government-Owned Rail Network Hires 23 Transgender People

Makes me wonder if the job requirements were tailored for transgenders. 

VOA Newsreports 28-year-old Renjumol punches tickets for customers at the newly inaugurated metro in the southern Indian city of Kochi, he cannot believe the complete turn life has taken.

‘’”Happy, very happy” says the transgender person, who like others in the community, has had to beg, sing and dance at weddings to scrape together a living. 

Renjumol is one of 23 transgender people who have landed a job at Kochi Metro Rail as part of a groundbreaking initiative by the government-owned company to integrate a community that has long suffered discrimination and survived at the margins of society.

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American Libs will go orgasmic over this news and will expect our governments to do the same. 

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