Tuesday, March 30, 2021

USA need to fear black teen girls (savages) who murdered Uber Eats driver much more than White supremacists

A 66 year old grandfather, Mohammad Anwar, is dead because 2 black teens 13 and 15 had the nerve to taze him, and carjack his ride (See video below).

  As far as I'm concerned these two girls are a couple of savages! 

Where are their parents In all this?

Oh, that's right.  Pretty sure they were raised by a single black mother because their fathers are most likely MIA, not involved in raising them, or they're in prison. 

I realize these are assumptions on my part.  However, I bet I'm pretty damn close to the real.  And as lousy and disgusting all this is, I'm not shocked it happened.  Teenagers in this country are ticking time bombs because a whole slew of them are not being raised right.  Although this incident happened in D.C., it could have happened in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or any urban city.  These two black savages are the result of 70% being born out-of-wedlock in the black community.   

Oh, that's right, I went there! 

I'm talking about self inflected wounds NOBODY wants to address.  But, it's real!  We need to deal with it. 

We all need to be concerned because what happened to Mohammad Anwar could happen ANYWHERE at any time.  So, no, I'm not shocked about it.  I'm surprised it doesn't happen more.


  1. We should fear the uncivil and immoral. " The constitution is designed to govern a civil and moral people, It is wholly inadequate for any other". Adams. The uncivil and immoral have no qualms with petitioning our republic to remove our inalienable freedoms which it has been too willing to do for to many decades . They no longer hold any truth to be self evident which calls everything listed after it in to question.

  2. If Anwar had killed the savages in self-defense, guess who'd be the Media villain in this story? A family man in a 'nonessential' job: people like that are expendable these days.

  3. Fourth world culture gonna fourth world culture, bro!

    Same as it ever was...

  4. Then there is the savage who killed a woman in a street race then puts out an expletive filled video rant blaming the dead woman for the accident. This foul mouthed, entitled bitch needs to go away permanently. Oh btw she was out of jail awaiting trial for armed robbery.

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