Saturday, May 6, 2017

How Dems Roll: Democrat-run Sacramento, CA using taxpayer money to fight deportations of illegals

In essence the city of Sacramento is using tax dollors to break federal law thus those who run city become criminals themselves.
Free Beacon reports the City Council in Sacramento, Calif. voted unanimously late Thursday to spend taxpayer money on services to help illegal immigrants fight deportation.

A network of legal, educational, and faith-based nonprofit groups will receive $300,000 to assist immigrants with a variety of issues, not just deportation, the Sacramento Bee reported. The funds would likely be available within a month, according to Sacramento Councilman Eric Guerra.
"The reality is there is a lot of fear," Guerra said. "We can alleviate that fear."

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Yeah, alleviate the fear and break federal law!  Democrats pick and chose when they become law-abiding citizens. 

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