Saturday, May 27, 2017

‘I’m a pioneer’: Hamptons woman Valerie Smith running for office defends using n-bomb

I in a way think there's a fishy element to this story.  But, the corrupt media will lick it up with a spoon.
NY Post reports a woman running for the Village Board in Southampton, Long Island reportedly used the n-word in a call to police and claims she is entitled to use the racial slur because she is a “pioneer.”

ValerieSmith, a white woman, told the The Southampton Press Friday that she converted her street from a “rodent-infested dump” into an oasis and frequently intervened in public disturbances, while calling people “n—ers.”

 “I came into this neighborhood colorblind,” she told the paper. “When you are a pioneer, like I am, it’s not easy. I’m the only white person who owns and lives on this street.”

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Nothing like a look there's goes a racist to get the media's heart pumping.  

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  1. The New York Post is a conservative rag. What's "fishy" about the story? You think there's no such thing as white supremacists?