Thursday, May 18, 2017

James Comey's Senate Hearing Testimony in early May exposes the New York Times engaging in FAKE NEWS about a factious Comey Memo

Yesterday I reported that James Comey put himself in legal jeopardy for failing to report an alleged incident he describe in a personal memo dated February 14, 2017 to himself that President Trump asked him to put an end to the FBI's investigation of former NSA advisor Michael Flynn. 
If Comey believed President Trump was guilty of obstruction of justice, keeping a memo wasn't nearly enough.  He was required by law to immediately report the conservation to the Department of Justice.  By not doing so James Comey broke the law. 

But, it gets better! 

According to Washington Times  James Comey, just-fired FBI director, said in a Senate hearing earlier this month that he’s never been asked by higher-ups to back off an investigation for political reasons — and that doing so would’ve been an eyebrow-raising “big deal.”

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So his own sworn testimonies to a Senate committee contradicts the New York Times so-called bombshell revelation of a Comey meme documenting a conversation that never happened.  Shame on the New Times for lack of journalistic professionalism.  The "Old Gray Lady" is nothing but a bunch of agenda drive clowns in a clown car.        

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