Monday, May 29, 2017

Kushner see the light: Jared 'changes his mind' on Paris climate deal: Under-fire Kushner 'now thinks standards of the pact need to be changed'

It looks like President Trump has straighten out his son-in-law as to what the United Staten's position is on the Paris climate accords, namely, no thanks. 
Either the terms of the agreement undergo significant changes or the U.S. is out-period!  I don’t think the other Left leaning G7 governments are going to agree.   

Daily Mail reports with the fate U.S. participation in a global climate pact in the final days of review, Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner is pushing for 'changes' to the agreement.

Kushner as recently as last month argued for keeping the U.S. in the deal – the subject of a rift with leading industrial nations at the recently concluded G7 talks in Sicily.

Kushner's past contacts with Russian officials coming under scrutiny, following a Washington Post report Friday that he tried to set up a 'back channel' communication with the Russians during the presidential transition. 

'His basic position is that the standards need to be changed and the question is can you stay in the Paris agreement and can you stay in the Paris agreement with the changes?' an administration official familiar with the situation told 

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