Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Low energy Jeb Bush Said To Drop Out Of Bid For Miami Marlins; What Does It Mean For Derek Jeter?

Poor Derek Jeter!  He made a huge thinking he can depend on Jeb for anything.  President Trump nailed Bush for being a man of low energy.  This development reaffirms it.
Forbes reports Jeb Bush has dropped out of an attempt to purchase the Miami Marlins. That news, via an anonymous sources of The Associated Press, comes along with the claim that Bush did not have enough of his own money invested in the group to allow him to be the controlling owner in the deal. It appears that with Bush not able to be the controlling partner, he no longer has an interest.

The move by Jeb Bush puts Derek Jeter back out on his own. Initially the two were competing against each other for the right to own the team, and then joined forces in an effort to cobble together the funding.
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