Thursday, May 4, 2017

No Regrets: Disgraced No Talent Comedian Stephen Colbert Responds to Firestorm over Use of Homophobic Slur…

Nothing is gonna happen to Stephen Colbert because he's really a therapeutic tool for people who can't get over Trump winning the election. 
He doesn't have to be funny.  Just bash Trump is like kissing the boo boo to make the hurt go away!     

Breitbart reports Stephen Colbert responded Wednesday night to the controversy surrounding his use of a homophobic slur earlier this week during a blistering Late Show monologue in which he bashed President Donald Trump.

Colbert opened Wednesday night’s show by jokingly assuring the audience he was “still the host” of The Late Show, after he generated a social media firestorm Tuesday and Wednesday when he referred to Trump’s mouth as “Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster” during Monday night’s broadcast.

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