Friday, May 5, 2017

Republicans cheer ‘rescue’ from Obamacare with first major vote to repeal and replace

To quote Joe Biden, this is the first step to a big f*cking deal to repeal and replaced a law that has destroyed full time work, caused millions to lose healthcare coverage, and insurance premiums and deductibles skyrocket. 
All counterspy of President Obama and lying Democrats who created this terrible mess.

WashingtonTimes  reports Republicans took the first major step toward repealing Obamacare on Thursday as the House approved a bill that would replace the 2010 health care overhaul with a more market-friendly system that cancels intrusive government mandates, spurring millions of people to forgo health insurance.

The Republicans said they were on a rescue mission to save Americans from a rapidly deteriorating health care market wrought by President Obama. Democrats said the bill fell far short of Mr. Obama’s goals of expanded insurance coverage and more benefits and that Republicans are now responsible for whatever goes wrong with the chaotic health care system.

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  1. Obama penalized healthy taxpayers by subjecting them to an income based healthcare system instead of one that is needs based, forcing them to subsidize others. The AHCA addresses that.

  2. There was no "Repeal" there was only a slight change to the socialization of our health care system.

    Were there "repeal" we'd have a free market insurance again. And we don't, do we?

    You've fallen into the trap they left for you. STOP USING THE WORD "REPEAL". it isn't true.