Wednesday, May 10, 2017

'So f***ing gay': Conrad Hilton shouts a homophobic slur at photographer in court

I thought it's okay to use Gay slurs now.  Stephen Colbert change the rules.  So free speech is making a comeback. 
Daily Mail reports Conrad Hilton finally appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday, one day after he was due to be arraigned following his arrest this weekend for grand theft auto and violating a restraining order.

The troubled 23-year-old put on a show for the gallery as well, calling a photographer 'so f***ing gay' and later informing the judge that he does 'not have sex with hookers.'

That comment came shortly after the conditions of Conrad's bail were set, with the young heir being asked to hand over $90,000 before being released into the custody of his father.

Conrad was also ordered to check into Menninger, a psychiatric hospital in Houston, for evaluation and so that professionals can diagnose his behavior.

In video shot inside the courtroom, Conrad can be seen shaking his head and casting an annoyed gaze when the judge announces he will have to enter the hospital and that his father has been named his court-appointed custodian.
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