Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trump says Obamacare is 'DEAD' after vote in Congress to repeal and replace health insurance law, as key Republicans surround him for Rose Garden victory lap

The corrupt media machine and Democrats made a big deal when the GOP cancelled the vote on the repeal and replace of ObamaCare.  Now these idiots don't know what to do
other than to go back to 30 year old attacks and false rhetoric about Republicans.  This is a win for President Trump and the Dems are going bat shit crazy.  
Daily Mail reports President Donald Trump said Thursday that Obamacare is 'dead,' celebrating with Republican leaders from the House of Representatives after they squeaked out a close vote to replace the sputtering seven-year-old insurance law. 
The GOP put Obamacare's first foot in the grave on Thursday, passing a repeal-and-replace measure by the thinnest of margins as Democratic lawmakers taunted them with a chorus of 'Na-na, Hey-hey, Goodbye!'
President Barack Obama's namesake medical insurance reform is on its way to the dustbin. But so too, the Dems hope, will be the GOP majority after next year's midterm congressional elections.

'We knew that wasn't going to work,' Trump said of the Obama-era Affordable Care Act, whose cost structure has proved suffocating for medical insurers – and for consumers stuck with a dwindling number of even-more-expensive policy options.
'I predicted it a long time ago. I said, "It's failing." And now it's obvious that it's failing,' the president boasted in the White House's Rose Garden.
'It's dead. It's essentially dead. If we don't pay lots of ransom money over to the insurance companies, it would die immediately.'
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