Thursday, May 4, 2017

Two shot, killed in restaurant shooting in Arlington, Good Guy with gun puts down Shooter before it got worse

God bless the customer with the concealed weapon who quickly put down the bad guys possibly preventing a massacre.
WFAA reports Arlington police were working late into Wednesday evening to process a horrific shooting scene that unfolded at a popular restaurant and bar.

Police flooded the Zona Caliente Sports Bar around 6:15 after receiving calls of an active shooter.
Lt. Christopher Cook said two people were killed, including the alleged shooter.

"We believe the shooter is one of those deceased who was killed by a customer in the location after the suspect shot and killed someone inside the restaurant," Cook said.

The customer who shot the shooter had a concealed weapon on him at the time of the incident.
Police said the man said he had a CHL, but they are still working to confirm that.

It also wasn't clear whether the establishment operated primarily as a restaurant or an actual bar, where carrying would be illegal. 

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  1. You can bet your ass that if this was a bar and a candy ass DA can go after the good citizen for carrying illegally he will CRUCIFY him. Bernie Goetz was barbecued NOT for shooting his muggers but for carrying an "illegal weapon".