Thursday, May 11, 2017

Unhinged and Dangerous Leftist Wendi Wright followed in her car, threatened GOP Congressman David Kustoff after Town Hall

These Democrats are really getting out of control and I unfortunately feel it's only a matter of time one of these lunatics like this woman really hurts somebody.
WREG reports a Weakely County woman was arrested after reportedly following Congressman David Kustoff Office: Representative (R-TN 8th District) and then threatening him.
Police say Wendi Wright followed a car down Highway 45 Monday afternoon.
Inside the car were Congressman Kustoff and aide Marianne Dunavant.

Wright reportedly followed the car after it left a town hall on the UT Martin campus.
A police report states Kustoff and Dunavant felt they were in danger of being forced off the road.
When they pulled into the driveway of someone they know, Wright reportedly ran to the car and screamed while banging on the car and reaching in.

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