Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What Corrupt American Media Won't Report: Obama administration spied on Americans illegally through searches of Internet data conducted by the NSA

The corrupt Obama-loving media in the United States is completely ignoring these revelations about their favorite president.  This is why the media is so corrupt!  

Daily Mail reports Barack Obama's National Security Agency conducted illegal searches of hundreds of users' Internet data after the former president relaxed the rules on government snooping.

The Obama administration also upped the number of Americans it had unmasked in intelligence reports, Circa reported, renewing concerns among civil liberty groups that Americans' Fourth Amendment rights were routinely violated.

Sen. Rand Paul said Wednesday that it also raises questions about the motivations that Obama aides like Susan Rice had when they requested the names of Americans whose identities were obscured in surveillance reports.

If Rice and others did it for political purposes, to hurt Donald Trump for instance, that would be an 'amazing abuse of power,' he told Fox & Friends.

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