Wednesday, June 28, 2017

CNN's Dimwit Chris Cuomo: Whole Fake News Thing Needs To End -- Right Now...

This is really funny coming from the stupid and lesser Cuomo in the family.  His brother Andrew isn't much of an improvement either. 

Breitbart reports Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” while discussing the Senate GOP’s heath care bill with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), an opponent of the bill, host Chris Cuomo decried the “fake thing” when Johnson said that numbers being used to attack the Republican effort were “incorrect.”
Johnson said,“We need information, and the debate on this thing has been completely distorted using incorrect information.”

Cuomo shot back, “I know you’re not suggesting that I’m using misleading information, right? You let me know what I’m saying that is inaccurate. Because this whole ‘fake’ thing needs to end, and it needs to end right now! You tell me what I’m getting wrong, or we’ll deal with the number as the CBO is putting them out.”

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