Sunday, June 25, 2017

Islam religion of peace?, My Left Foot, Ramadan Rage 2017-Final Death Toll 1,627

That's a pretty good body count for a religion that prides itself on being so peaceful. 

Breitbart reports Islamic extremists killed more than 1,620 people during this year’s holiest month for Muslims, marking one of the deadliest Ramadans in modern history, reveals a Breitbart News tally.
The large majority of Ramadan violence victims are Muslims.

At the end of Ramadan on Saturday, the total number of casualties across the world for the entire holy month had reached 3,451 (1,627 murders and 1,824 injuries), more than tripling the 1,150 (421 deaths and 729 injuries) that took place in 2016, considered the deadliest holy month in recent memory.

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