Friday, June 2, 2017

NYS Democrat introduces bill for medical marijuana to treat menstrual cramps

Yes, with all the pressing needs in the state such as high unemployment in upstate New York and people moving away to lower tax states, this is what is important to Democrats. 

Gothamist  reports women in New York State would have the option to treat debilitating menstrual cramps with medical marijuana under new legislation sponsored by New York Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal. 

The bill sailed through the Assembly's Health Committee this week, by a vote of 21-2. A spokeswoman for Rosenthal said that it's likely to go to full vote this month. Her office is still seeking a Senate sponsor for the legislation. "It's very treacherous over there these days," Rosenthal told Gothamist on Thursday. "But they did pass medical marijuana, right?" 

"Midol cannot be the pinnacle of menstrual cramp treatment," she added. "We women demand more; we demand access to pain relieving medication that is safe and effective at relieving menstrual cramps." 

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