Monday, June 26, 2017

PRESIDENT: Travel ban ruling 'clear victory' overcoming Lunatic Leftist 9th circut

It’s only the pettiness and hatred by 9th circuit judges that has temporally halted President Trump's authority given to him under the Constitution. 
But, Leftists hatred of Trump is not sustainable.  Sooner or later reality kicks in.      

Daily Mail reports President Donald Trump took a victory lap on Monday after the Supreme Court restored most of his executive order banning incoming travel from six terror-prone countries. 

'Today's unanimous Supreme Court decision is a clear victory for our national security,' the president said in a statement shortly after the high court ruled. 'It allows the travel suspension for the six terror-prone countries and the refugee suspension to become largely effective.' 

The Supreme Court said it will decide in the fall whether or not the travel ban is constitutional. Liberal state attorneys general have argued that it amounts to a religious test for entry into the U.S. since the affected countries all have Muslim majorities.

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