Saturday, June 17, 2017

Putting Shame Where it Belongs: Blogger Laura Loomer who rushed ‘Julius Caesar’ stage says production has blood on its hands

I give Laura a lot of credit for putting herself in the belly of the beast. 
And she's right!  Those actors and producers do have blood on their hands because they condone political violence and inspire :eftists lunatics to carry it out.   

NY Post reports the cast of the Public Theater’s “Julius Caesar” has blood on its hands, said the protester who broke up the show’s pivotal assassination scene.

“People just saw the consequence of this normalization of political violence this week when Congressman [Steve] Scalise was shot,” said Laura Loomer, an alt-right journalist who live-streamed her rush onto the Central Park stage Friday night.

“People on the left who have ‘Trump derangement syndrome’ now, they are influenced by these ideas and they’re desensitized to violence,” Loomer said.

“Everybody who has condoned political violence, cheered Kathy Griffin on, supported violet imagery against the president, anybody who has supported ‘Julius Caesar,’ they have blood on their hands because it contributes to the overall desensitization of violence,” she said.

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You know what's also shameful?  Paul Ryan should echo what Laura Loomer is saying.  But, his punk ass only knows how to stab President Trump in the back so the corrupt media likes him. 

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